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Find El Granada California Hotels, Real Estate, Job Listings, and much more local information on this city guide.

Welcome to El Granada, CA

El Granada, California

Welcome to El Granada!

El Granada is located in San Mateo County, California. On this city guide, you will find all kinds of helpful information about hotels, real estate, careers and much more.

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El Granada Area News

Power goes out briefly at Sharks playoff game

Power went out briefly at the SAP Center less than an hour before the scheduled start of Thursday night's playoff opener between the San Jose Sharks and the Los Angeles Kings.

A few thousand fans were in the arena when it went dark for a few seconds before emergency lights turned on.

About five minutes later, the lights came back on. Players later took the ice for warmups although there was none of the usual music over the loudspeaker.

Thu, 17 Apr 2014 20:12:45 -0700

Redwood City police investigate fatal sailboat race accident

The San Mateo County coroner Thursday identified the man killed in a boating accident on San Francisco Bay as 39-year old Song Yun from Burlingame.

Yun was a guest on a boat taking part in a Sequoia Yacht Club a Beer Can Race when it hit a navigation marker in shallow water off Redwood City.

Somehow, the 42-foot Catalina sailboat named Bella with four people aboard got too close to the marker.

"A part of the sail or the rigging got entangled with one of the channel markers, it hung up the boat and snapped the mast off," said Redwood City police Lt. Sean Hart.

Investigators say the broken mast apparently struck Yun and one other sailor. That unidentified sailor is being treated at Stanford Hospital for head trauma.

"It's such a freak accident, a traumatic accident, we're all in shock," said Sequoia Yacht Club Commodore Winston Bumpus.

Bumpus told KTVU that Bella's skipper, whom he and police declined to identify, is meticulous and careful.

"He's very mechanically capable and a very good sailor" said Bumpus.

Police told KTVU the person operating the boat's controls passed a sobriety test.

Contributing factors may include an incoming tide that could have pushed the boat toward the channel marker and what sailing veterans call "flukey" winds.

Late Thursday afternoon a knowledgeable source said the Bella was on a port tack heading upwind, which could mean the mainsail may have obstructed the skipper's view of the approaching channel marker.

I was the first fatal accident in the yacht club's 75 years.

"I've seen masts come down, I've never seen a fatality, I've seen injuries, but this is really very uncommon," said veteran sailboat racer John Tuma.

The Sequoia Yacht Club has suspended its race series. Wednesday's race was the first of the season.

Thu, 17 Apr 2014 20:04:14 -0700

Study on artists' brain shows they're 'structurally unique'

​For years we’ve asked the question, “Are you more right-brained or left-brained?” Turns out we’re neither; new research shows we should be looking at the size of our neural matter instead.

That’s according to research published in NeuroImage. Scientists studied the brain scans of artists and found an increase in brain neural matter -- specifically in fine motor and visual imagery areas -- accounted for their creativity. And  those two areas are not on the same side of the brain.

​Lead author Rebecca Chamberlain told BBC News, "The people who are better at drawing really seem to have more developed structures in regions of the brain that control for fine motor performance and what we call procedural memory." (Via BBC)

The study can’t confirm whether this extra matter is an innate gift, but it does suggest the artist’s environment or upbringing plays a part in developing these creative spaces.

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For those of us who are pencil pushers instead of painters, the study also provides evidence that all brains are “incredibly flexible” when trained, meaning you might have extra matter in places where you do the most thinking.

The small study surveyed 21 art students and compared them to 23 non-artists, taking brain scans as they rested and while they were asked to draw, according to Medical Daily.  The art students had significant amounts of extra matter aiding their visual skills, while the non-artists had only “hints.”

So far it’s a good start, but Dangerous Minds notes the researchers hope to strengthen their findings with a larger sample size and by studying how maturing teens develop extra brain matter.

Thu, 17 Apr 2014 19:50:10 -0700

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